Colive Rio Grande PG in Marathahalli Bengaluru, Marathahalli, Bengaluru

Building No 579, D Block, 60 Feet Rd, opposite Chai Point, AECS Layout - C Block, AECS Layout
Bengaluru- 560037

Colive Rio Grande PG in Marathahalli Bengaluru Building No 579, D Block, 60 Feet Rd, opposite Chai Point, AECS Layout - C Block, AECS Layout, Bengaluru - 560037, Karnataka.


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Roommate Chronicles: How To Deal With Conflict With Roommates?

Living with a roomie/homie has a lot of perks and some baggage. Life is colourful and so are people, nothing is black and white, people can be both a boon and a bane to your life

Must-Watch Movies With Your Coliving Roommates

Watching movies with your roommates is one of the most enjoyable pleasures of life.

How To Enjoy Life As An Introvert At Coliving Space?

Living independently and alone is an introvert’s paradise. Though introverts are desperate to sink deep within the realm of zero communication, at times we do prefer to interact with people whom we can vibe with

How Co-living Is An Easy Solution For Remote Workers

Co-living spaces are trending amongst working professionals and students, as commuting to work can be the greatest hassle of all if you stay in a remote location,

Financial Mistakes To Avoid For Millennials Living Independently

Living independently is becoming a common phenomenon these days, especially for millennials. There is a major change in lifestyle causing a dynamic shift in our perspectives.

10 Amazing Indoor Activities To Make The Coliving Experience Fun

Coliving spaces offer the perfect opportunity to make the most out of your nights or weekends, as you are never really alone and there is always something or the other happening.

Why Coliving Spaces Are Great For Students

Any student who’s living in a rented accommodation knows the regular headache that comes with having an unreasonable landlord.

How Startups Can Utilise Coliving Spaces To Improve Work Performance

Co-living for start-ups is a novel and unique idea. You can imagine a nerd cave inhabited by tech-heads, like something out of a hacker flick. The only addition is the chill vibe and creatively designed interiors.

Technology And The Future Of Co-living In 2021 And Beyond

The whole of humanity received an unexpected shock brought by the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020. The cities were locked down and there was a pressing need to practice social distancing.

How To Survive In A Big City/metro City? Money Management Tips

City life is not for everyone, but only for those who wish to exceptionally thrive. Life in a big city has distinct vibes. There is so much to do once you step in.

One Day Trip Places In Bangalore [Must Visit During Weekends]

Bangalore is a fascinating city that always has something amazing to offer. Be it the exciting events in the many happening places of the city, or the opportunity to escape from the busy routine to someplace serene.

Top Benefits Of Co-living Spaces For Professionals To Be More Productive

Here are some benefits of co-living spaces for professionals

Hybrid Workspaces: A New Way Of WFH - Colive

Hybrid work models, particularly remote working, have been driven by global pandemics unintentionally. This could completely change how we work. It will be up to business leaders to decide whether working from home will remain a part of their business model in the future.

Use Of Technology In Student Housing - Colive

Our lives today are shaped by technology. In this age and time, practically nothing that we do can be done without the support of technology.

Physical Networking: A Boon For Students And Young Professionals Moving To New Cities

The pandemic made staying healthy and safe more important than proximity to the workplace. As a result, many of them began actively seeking accommodations that provide not only enhanced safety but also additional comforts and amenities compared to the ones they were used to. This helped in popularizing the co-living spaces in India the most.

Co-living & Hybrid Living For Startups & Freelancers

The concept of co-living involves sharing most of the facilities in a modern apartment. You could find several fully furnished shared areas for residents, including bars, gyms, lounges, and co-working spaces that are convenient as well as conducive to socializing.

Co-living: The True Form Of Housing As A Service - Blog - Colive

Co-living first appeared in the 1970s in Denmark. It was called co-housing. In order to create this perfect neighborhood, they brought together 35 families,

Student Housing: How To Find Accommodation Without Paying Brokerage? - Blog - Colive

Home seekers in major cities like Bangalore, Hyderabad, and Chennai must now decide whether to remain in an apartment, a PG, or a Coliving space. The lockdown

Colive Scholarship Program: How Can Students Benefit? - Blog - Colive

Colive, India's premier prop-tech platform for rental housing, has announced the launch of Gurukool, a college student-focused venture. Gurukool is a

Importance Of Hybrid Living For Hybrid Working - Blog - Colive

For millennials and centennials who want more flexibility and accessibility with less responsibility and ownership, co-living is becoming the new norm.

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